Polo “MT Bozzo” is a research unit within the Department of Education of the University of Genoa. This unit comprises researchers dedicated to: the study of verbal and non-verbal learning difficulties and disorders; the development of educational interventions aimed to promote domain-general (i.e. executive function) and domain-specific (i.e. number sense) learning skills; the development of remediation training for children with learning disabilities. The unit collaborates with teachers and schools from prekindergarten to secondary education.

From the Polo Bozzo research Unit, a University Spin off operating in the field of learning disabilities was founded in 2009. This Spin off provides services for children with dyslexia, dysgraphia and math disorders (assessment, personalized program accommodation plans, access to adaptive and assistive technology).

The Polo MT Bozzo research staff includes Mirella Zanobini (Director), Sergio Morra, M. Carmen Usai and Paola Viterbori from University of Genoa, plus two external members, Francesco Benso and Alberta Alcetti.

Address: viale Benedetto XV 6, Genova
Twitter: @PoloBozzo

Last update 12 August 2021